Forests Ontario

Heritage Trees

Our Heritage Tree Program, launched in 2009 in partnership with the Ontario Urban Forest Council, identifies and records the location of heritage trees across the province. Anyone can nominate a tree by calling us (1.877.646.1193) or by registering yourself as a nominator. Download the Heritage Tree nomination and evaluation package.

What defines Ontario Heritage Tree?

An Ontario Heritage Tree must possess cultural, social or historical significance. For example, being associated with a historic person or event, or is growing on land that is historically significant.

In addition, candidate Ontario Heritage Trees will also be assessed for size, form, shape, beauty, age, colour, rarity, genetic constitution or other distinctive features and/or as a prominent community landmark.

What is the Heritage Tree Program?

  • The Heritage Tree Program identifies and records the location of heritage trees as well as details such as age, size, appearance and most importantly their cultural and historical significance. The stories and photos of recognized trees are then featured on the Forests Ontario website.
  • In addition, the identification of these trees enables Forests Ontario and community-minded organizations to locate potential native seed sources. Collecting these seeds will ensure the succession planting of legacy trees for future generations to enjoy.
  • Anyone is invited to nominate a tree for Heritage Tree recognition, whether it is located on their own property, a friend or family member’s property or in a public space.

Heritage Trees