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Featured Resources

Tree Planting Colouring Sheet

Grade 1 to Grade 2

Learn about Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program with this printable colouring sheet.

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Old Trees, Old Tales – Sr

Grade 9 to Grade 12

Students will learn about the history of Sherwood Forest and how its management differs from modern day forests. Students will also research the stories behind significant local trees.

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Putting Down Roots

Junior to Intermediate

Students will learn about the diversity of native Ontario tree species as well as their specific habitat requirements. Students will apply their reading and deduction skills to determine which habitat is most suitable for each tree species.

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2017: Sustainable Farming

2017: Sustainable Farming

Grade 9 to Grade 12

Farmers not only play a critical role in providing us with food, but also act as stewards of the landscape and contribute to conservation efforts to protect and enhance our natural ecosystems. They play a vital role in maintaining and improving soil health, water and air quality, providing increased wildlife and pollinator habitat, sequestration of carbon, and conserving water and energy.

Voluntary efforts, provincial and federal government incentives, as well as information to farmers can improve the sustainability of their practices. This year’s Envirothon Current Issue Study Guide will focus on best management practices and programs farmers use to balance the environment with food production.

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Choosing and Caring for your Christmas tree

Junior to Grade 12

This fact sheet gives you all the info you need when choosing and caring for you real, locally grown, Christmas tree!

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Upcoming Events

Let’s Get Together Parent Expo

May 6th, 2017

The Let’s Get Together Parent Expo will bring together educational resources and organizations that cater to families, schools and communities groups. The Parent Expo will provide an unparalleled platform for everyone to network and grow together.

Stop by the Forests Ontario booth to learn more about our many education programs including the Ontario Envirothon, Forestry Connects, Tree Bee, Focus on Forests and Forestry in the Classroom.

Etobicoke Olympium

Sustainable Agriculture: Envirothon Webinar

March 2nd, 2017

Farmers are stewards of the land and care about the environment and communities they farm and live in. Learn first hand from a southwestern Ontario grain farmer on the practices he is using to improve the sustainability of his farm. This webinar is presented with support from Grain Farmers of Ontario.

Pre-registration is required. Webinar will start at 2:30 pm (EST)


Ontario Woodlot Association Annual Conference

April 28th–29th, 2017

Newmarket Community Centre, Newmarket

Environmental Education Conference at UOIT

February 17th, 2017

Forests Ontario is excited to be presenting at the UOIT Environmental Education Conference about It Takes A Forest: Exploring the World of Forestry. The session will highlight the importance of our forests and provided educators with valuable resources to introduce forests into their own classrooms.


Eureka Conference

February 17th, 2017

Forests Ontario is excited to be attending the Eureka Conference with the TDSB to promote our education programs and resources.