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Tree Planting Colouring Sheet

Grade 1 to Grade 2

Learn about Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program with this printable colouring sheet.

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Tree Grab Bag

Grade 1 to Grade 2

Learn about the different parts of trees with this sensory activity.

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Reaching New Heights

Grade 7 to Grade 10

Students will use the basics of trigonometry to learn to measure the height of a tree.

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Height of a Tree

Grade 3 to Grade 8

Knowledge of the tree heights is important for a variety of reasons. But guessing tree height doesn’t need fancy tools, you can use simple math and a ruler! Try out the method below to see how big a tree near your house or in a local park is.

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Urban Forest

Grade 3 to Grade 6

An urban forest can be defined by any and all woody plant vegetation growing in and around a city, town, suburb, or any other urban area.

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Scavenger Hunt

Grade 2 to Grade 6

Our forests are beautiful—so be gentle as you walk through them. If you are collecting any of the items in this scavenger hunt, make sure that they have already fallen on the ground. For those items that are not on the ground, just observe and check off that you’ve found them. Let the searching begin!

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Tree Wheel

Grade 1 to Grade 12

The Tree Wheel makes tree identification fun and easy! Download this version and make your own.

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Weird Wood Worksheet

Junior to Grade 12

Have you ever wondered where the man-made things around you come from? All of them had to come from somewhere. These fun cards can be printed and will help you learn where everyday wood products come from, and some that you never thought came from wood.

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