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Forests Ontario
144 Front Street West, Suite 700

Toll Free: 1-877-646-1193
Local: 416-646-1193
Fax: 416-493-4608

Email: forestsontario

Rob Keen, R.P.F.
Phone: ext 230
E-mail: Rob Keen

Kerry McLaven
Director of Operations
Phone: ext 233
E-mail: Kerry McLaven

Elizabeth Celanowicz
Operations Manager
Phone: ext 223
E-mail: Elizabeth Celanowicz

Brooke McClelland
Executive Assistant and Membership Coordinator
Phone: ext 350
Email: Brooke McClelland

Ruth Hall
Office Administrator
Phone: 416-646-1193
Email: Ruth Hall

Susan Cummings
Legacy Financial Accounting

Forest Restoration & Stewardship

Stephanie Chamberlin
Forestry Program Manager
Phone: ext 222
E-mail: Stephanie Chamberlin

Nicole Baldwin
Restoration Programs Coordinator
Phone: ext 227
E-mail: Nicole Baldwin

Mark McDermid
Seed & Stock Coordinator
Cell: 705-441-6564


Chantal Cory
Director, Marketing and Business Development
Phone: ext. 240
E-mail : Chantal Cory

Kim Sellers
Accounts Manager
Phone: ext. 234
E-mail : Kim Sellers

M.J. Kettleborough
Communications Manager
Phone: ext. 237
E-mail : M.J. Kettleborough

Augusta Lipscombe
Communications & Stakeholder Relations Officer
Phone: ext. 235
E-mail : Augusta Lipscombe

Alanna Evans
Events Coordinator
Phone: ext. 224
E-mail: Alanna Evans

Kenya Hewitt
Digital Project Coordinator
Phone: ext.229
E-mail: Kenya Hewitt

Education & Awareness

Scott Jackson
Director of Indigenous and Stakeholder Relations
E-mail : Scott Jackson

Allison Hands
Education Manager
Phone: ext. 228
E-mail : Allison Hands

Diana Corona Castro
Education Outreach Coordinator
Phone: ext. 262
E-mail : Diana Corona Castro

Field Advisors:

Jim Hendry
Cell: 613-662-6266

Peter Gagnon
Cell: 705-779-3796

Eleanor Reed
Cell: 705-328-4584

Tim Gray

Board of Directors