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Reforesting local properties devastated by the August 2006 tornadoes

36,000 Tree Seedlings to be Planted

BANCROFT – Several local woodlots are being restored this Spring through the North Hastings Blow Down Pilot Project, sponsored jointly by the Community Futures Development Corporation of North & Central Hastings and South Algonquin and the Trees Ontario Foundation.

Six local landowners are participating in the pilot project which will plant 36,000 Red and White Pine tree seedlings in areas that were decimated by the August 2006 tornados. While landowners are expected to contribute financially and / or in-kind to the project, matching sponsorship funds are subsidizing the purchase and planting costs of the seedlings. Logistical details are being coordinated by the Bancroft Area Forest Industry Association, the lead Planting Agency for the project.

“This is very helpful to landowners, the environment, wildlife and the local community”, said Rod Malloy, Chair of the Bancroft Area Forest Industry Association. “It further demonstrates the effectiveness of partnerships which are so much a part of the work that is done in our local community. We are hopeful that all of our partners will contribute again next year to an expanded tree planting effort in our area.”

Additional partners include Ontario Stewardship, the Bancroft Area Stewardship Council, and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.