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Technical Workshops Wrap Up in Time for Spring Plant

Trees Ontario recently wrapped up a week-long series of stock handling and tree planting workshops just in time for the spring 2008 plant. The workshops held in Woodstock, Bradford and Kingston brought in eighty-four representatives from forty-two agencies who had the opportunity to review stock handling guidelines and various aspects of tree plant planning and operations such as site preparation, hand or machine planting and tending.

The goal of the technical workshop series is to assist Trees Ontario’s partners in growing their program capacity while improving technical skills, all of which will enhance tree planting success.

During the workshop itself, presentations were provided by Trees Ontario Field Advisors and agency peer experts. Open discussion and networking opportunities allowed tree planting practitioners to consider solutions to common problems. Trees Ontario also provided agencies with program development updates. Conducting regional training workshops are just one of the ways that Trees Ontario can help develop capacity for successful tree planting in Ontario.

Trees Ontario (TO) is committed to significantly increasing the number of trees being planted on private land in Ontario through the delivery of programs and assistance to partner tree planting agencies.

Trees Ontario would like to thank its agency partners for their participation and assistance in delivery of the workshop series and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources for their ongoing support for tree planting through the 50 Million Tree Program, which was announced by Premier McGuinty in August 2007. As part of its commitment to reduce the effects of climate change, the Ontario government has joined the United Nations Billion Tree Program and plans to plant 50 million trees by 2025, the single largest commitment so far to the UN program.