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Superior Energy Program plants trees on client’s behalf with Trees Ontario

TORONTO – August 8, 2008 – Trees Ontario and Superior Energy recently announced a new partnership that will see more healthy trees planted in the province of Ontario when Superior clients opt for a new green energy consumption plan the company is offering.

Superior Energy, a natural gas and electricity supplier, launched its Superior Energy EcoAdvantage Plan, a ‘green energy’ option in Ontario this week. In addition to providing carbon offset credits, for each new customer signed on to the plan, a donation will be made, on the client’s behalf, to Trees Ontario to plant up to four healthy, native species trees in the province.

This partnership will assist Trees Ontario’s in its commitment to increase the forested landscape of Ontario’s private lands by supporting local tree planting initiatives. The contribution will see more trees planted across Southern Ontario in both urban and rural settings.

In the fight against climate change, trees capture carbon dioxide and release it back in the atmosphere as oxygen. An acre of trees absorbs enough carbon dioxide over one year to equal the amount produced by driving a car 26,000 miles.

“Trees Ontario is thrilled to be partnering with Superior Energy on this venture. It is a great initiative involving individuals, families and local communities,” said Michael Scott, President and CEO, Trees Ontario. “More businesses like Superior can help address the environmental issue of climate change by enabling and educating their customers.”

“Superior Energy is pleased to be partnering with Trees Ontario to plant trees on behalf of customers participating in our new ‘Green Energy’ Price Protection Plan” said Greg McCamus, President, Superior Energy. “Customers participating in our new green energy product are consciously choosing to contribute to a more sustainable future for their family and community by supporting the use of renewable energies and reforestation projects throughout Ontario. By working together, we can help organizations like Trees Ontario meet their annual tree planting targets, which in turn positively impacts the effects of climate change in our country.”

About Superior Energy

Superior Energy is a leading provider of energy services to residential, commercial and industrial customers in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec. Energy Price Protection Plans offered through Superior Energy assist customers in managing their energy costs and offsetting their exposure to price volatility for this essential commodity. Superior Energy is part of the Superior Plus Income Fund together with Superior Propane, Canada’s largest distributor of propane.

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