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Trees Ontario Attends an Evening with Dr. David Suzuki

November 20, 2008 – Trees Ontario was privileged to take part in an evening that saw the renowned Dr. David Suzuki speak at Toronto’s John W.H. Basset Theatre in support of the Toronto Botanical Gardens and Sick Kids Hospital last night.

The event, hosted by Landscape Ontario, was an opportunity for Trees Ontario to meet like-minded attendees and extend the link between landscaping, horticulture and tree planting in the greening of Ontario. Dr. Suzuki’s message reminded us all that we need to act now, individually and communally, to try and reverse the effects of climate change. We are also becoming deprived of natural connections as our urban centres continue to expand. 300 cities in the world have over 1 million people, making our urban spaces ones in critical need of a green touch.

Trees in particular, he noted, perform an essential service for humankind with all they do to help us survive. We need to place a value on that service to see our forests thrive in an increasingly economically-driven society.

“A tree, as long it’s growing and standing, is taking carbon dioxide out of the air and putting back oxygen – not a bad service for human beings,” said Dr. Suzuki.

His sentiment was prefaced in a very subtle but emotional way by the story of a young girl with eye cancer, Rachel, who was granted her wish to have a butterfly garden in her urban backyard. A truly dedicated team of landscape designers made her wish come true, converting a fairly unwelcoming and not too green backyard into a lush oasis that will surely welcome butterflies, improve Rachel’s quality of life as well as contribute in its own way to battle against climate change.

Sometimes, we all can benefit from sharing in the small victories that help keep us fighting the larger battle, and Trees Ontario will continue to be part of that fight.

Landscape Ontario is committed to promoting the benefits and joys of horticulture -through their members and chapters they give back to the community so that horticulture will continue to enhance people’s lives in many ways. For more information on Landscape Ontario visit