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Trees Ontario and Media Partner Sun Media/ Launch New ‘In Honour’ Program

November 24, 2008 – Trees Ontario is very pleased to announce a new program, which it launched this fall with its media partners Sun Media and Every time an individual purchases an obituary ad in one of the over 200 community run Sun Media newspapers in the province, Sun Media will donate a portion of the sale to Trees Ontario to plant a tree in honour of the individual.

Essentially, Sun Media is offering its readers a way to become further involved in this green partnership with Trees Ontario, and allowing them to contribute to the planting of tomorrow’s forests in memory of lost loved-ones. What better way to carry on the life and memory of a loved one – placing a remembrance obituary in a Sun Media paper and knowing that a tree, which will continue to live and grow for decades to come, will be planted in memory of the deceased through Trees Ontario.

Since the program launched at the end of September 2008, nearly 3,000 Sun Media clients have participated in the program, which has presented Trees Ontario with a significant donation to support its rural tree planting programs. The initial success of this program is a testament to the interest that people in Ontario have in becoming involved in programs that contribute to the greening of tomorrow.

Trees are vitally important to the health of the environment in many different ways as they help to combat climate change, are natural filters of both air and water, provide homes for countless animals as well as beautify Ontario’s landscape.

Trees Ontario is very grateful to Sun Media/ who continue to strive, through thoughtful and creative ways, to contribute to the work that Trees Ontario is doing and in so proving what a forward-thinking, environmentally friendly company they are.

To learn more about how you can place an obituary in anyone of Sun Media’s community run newspapers across Ontario and honour those whom you’ve lost, knowing that a tree will be planted in their memory through Trees Ontario, visit your local Sun Media paper’s website today.

Click here to view the In Honour advertisement currently running in Sun Media papers across the province.