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Mirage Flooring Will Help Plant 8,500 Trees Across Ontario in 2009

March 2009 – Boa-Franc, manufacturer of Mirage products, a superior quality pre-finished hardwood flooring, supported a good and green cause this fall when it partnered with Trees Ontario in a one-month promotional partnership.

From November 1-30, 2008, $1 was donated to Trees Ontario for every box of Mirage hardwood flooring sold at its participating Ontario dealers. In total Mirage and its customers generated $21,350 in donations to Trees Ontario, which will support the planting of over 8,500 new tree seedlings this spring.

In 2009 Trees Ontario, along with its tree planting partners, will plant approximately 3 million new trees across the province. This is the largest not-for-profit tree planting partnership in North America. Mirage’s support and financial contribution will help to achieve this aggressive planting target.

Through this product promotion partnership Mirage provided their customers with an excellent opportunity to make environmentally conscious purchasing decisions and join their company in maintaining its sustainability principals.

Mirage has been manufacturing superior quality hardwood flooring for 25 years, guided by the company’s responsible approach to business. With total consistency in grade, width, thickness, and coloring, Mirage collections are smooth, uniform, easy to install and beautiful beyond compare. What is more, Mirage believes in enhancing quality of life for current and future generations. That is why Mirage continues to take responsible, concrete actions-as it has for 25 years-while staying on course toward sustainable development.

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