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Trees Ontario will plant 8540 trees thanks to Mirage and participating Ontario dealers’ contribution

Saint-Georges, March 17, 2009 — From November 1st to 30th, Boa-Franc, the manufacturer of Mirage superior quality pre-finished hardwood flooring, and its participating Ontario Mirage dealers supported a good cause by partnering up with Trees Ontario. From the sale of Mirage flooring during this period, Boa-Franc and its participating dealers collectively pooled and donated $21,350.00 to Trees Ontario.

“Trees Ontario is thrilled to have had the opportunity to partner with Mirage flooring and its retail partners during their fall promotion program,” said Michael G. Scott, President and CEO, Trees Ontario.

Today, Mirage is proud to announce that, thanks to this commitment, 8540 trees will be planted across the province of Ontario. “The funds raised during this promotion will support Trees Ontario’s 2009 spring tree planting efforts, precised Mr. Scott.”

Boa-Franc has been manufacturing superior quality hardwood flooring for 25 years, guided by the company’s responsible approach to business. “Mirage and its dealers are responsible and aware that everyone must do their part to ensure a better future for generations to come. I would like to thank every participating dealer for their generous contribution as well as consumers that contribute to this green cause by purchasing a superior quality Mirage hardwood floor,” stressed Pierre Thabet, president of Boa-Franc.

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Anne-Marie Proulx
Communications Manager