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2009 Certified Seed Collector Workshop

Participants will learn about:

Woody Plant Seed Biology – forecasting, collection, handling, processing and storage

Seed Certification – logistics of collecting, documenting and marketing quality, source-identified, seed

This program is dedicated to increasing the supply of locally adapted seed and stock of native woody species for planting in Ontario. Seed collectors are the crucial first link in the chain of people who provide customers with source identified stock. In southern Ontario it is complicated by many variables – over 100 native trees and shrubs, infrequent seed years, uncertain markets and small operators in a private sector. Growers are not consistently able to get the native species seed they need. Others have commented on seed that is poor in quality, mis-identified by species and of unidentified source. In some cases collectors can get the seed but need help finding a market. Climate change is another factor that makes collection of high quality, source-identified seed even more important. Along with the seed biology information, participants will be trained in the science and logistics of collecting and marketing seed.

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