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Earth Day and Beyond

April 22, 2009 – Earth Day – This year as we celebrate Earth Day let’s remember there are simple yet effective steps we can take to help preserve our world. Here are five easy and green things you can do right now to honour Earth Day this year:

1)   Plant a tree. Trees are Mother Nature’s all-in-one air conditioner and heater. It’s estimated that three properly-planted trees can reduce energy bills by as much as 30% – that’s both heating and cooling. Trees are also natural air and water purifiers, capturing carbon from our atmosphere and cleaning our water. Help out by planting a tree this year on Earth Day. You can plant one in your yard, donate one to someone or consider donating to Trees Ontario and help plant tomorrow’s forests. Click here for some tree planting tips.

2)  Replace your light bulbs with energy star bulbs. This simple step can reduce your carbon footprint by 450 pounds per year. There’s more information here at the official Energy Star website.

3)   Celebrate Earth Day locally. There are lots of events being held on Earth Day so find one and join in! Whether you’re a student on campus, live in the suburbs or are an urban dweller you’ll find various events going on in your area. Pitch in, lend a hand and promote saving our Earth. Click here to find out what’s happening in your area on Earth Day. Click here to read about Trees Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Weekend.

4)   Buy local, organic food. By some estimates US-grown produce travels up to 1500 miles before it reaches the neighbourhood supermarket. When you calculate one gallon of gas creates 20 pounds of carbon dioxide you can see how much damage produce can do. Canadians import produce from the US and other countries consistently as our climate is not suitable to grow the tropical produce that is sold in our grocery stores. Buying organic saves the Earth because you aren’t adding harmful chemicals into our eco-system (not to mention they aren’t going into your body).

5)   Ride a Bike, car pool, walk!  By the year 2030 the world will consume 47% more oil than it did in 2003. Almost all of us contribute to that statistic – especially if we drive a car.

Start with these five green and easy suggestions and you’re bound to find many more ways you can go green this year for Earth Day – and every day after that.