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Trees Ontario joins the Honourable Donna Cansfield and Local MPP on a tour of Ontario Stewardship Projects

July 7, 2009 – Trees Ontario field advisor, Adam Zulinski joined Donna Cansfield, Minister of Natural Resources and local MPP, Jim Brownell on a tour of Ontario Stewardship projects in Ingleside, ON (Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Counties) on July 7, 2009 from 1-3 p.m.

The stewardship team led a tour around a private property in Ingleside to view a habitat restoration project, focused on creating suitable habitat for Map Turtles and habitat biodiversity for wetland species. The Minister and Mr. Brownell also assisted with the planting of several tree and shrub species and the installation of Wood Duck nests.

The Ministry of Natural Resources’ Ontario Stewardship program is a community-based initiative that brings together landowners, associations, resource agencies and individuals who share an interest in responsible land care and sustainable resource use. The program advocates stewardship as a tool for land management.

Approximately 16,000 volunteers take part in more than 600 Ontario Stewardship projects every year, including natural resource education, shoreline restoration, wildlife habitat enhancement and forest-related, community-driven initiatives.  These projects encourage local employment, increase the community’s capacity and help local leaders to direct resource initiatives in their areas.

The Ministry of Natural Resources’ Ontario Stewardship Ranger Program provides youth in their 17th year with the opportunity to work on natural resources management projects that help support biodiversity and combat climate change.

This year, the ministry is funding 35 Ontario Stewardship Ranger teams across the province.

Trees Ontario is providing $120,000 to fund an additional four Ontario Stewardship Ranger teams. The teams are undertaking a variety of forestry-related projects including assessing tree planting sites and maintaining tree seed orchards.

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The Honourable Donna Cansfield plants a tree with the assistance of an Ontario Stewardship Ranger.

 MPP, Jim Brownell digs in.

Local Ontario Stewardship Rangers team.