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Trees Ontario in the Presence of Royalty and 300,000 People at the Royal Winter Fair

November 16, 2009 – The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair ran from November 5-15, 2009 in the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto and saw over 300,000 people from around the world attend. Two such attendees were Prince Charles and his wife Camilla who officially opened the show on November 5th.

Trees Ontario and partner, The Ontario Forestry Association (OFA) shared a 10 foot by 20 foot booth space for the 10 day show. Trees Ontario staff were on-hand to provide information on our tree planting subsidy programs as well as share their technical knowledge with show attendees. OFA staff provided information on the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program and stewardship planning for landowners and handed out educational resource packs to teachers. They also did some tree boring demonstrations.

This year a new interactive fundraising activity for Trees Ontario was developed whereby for $3, show attendees could buy a paper tree, write their name on it and stick it to a large poster of a barren field. By the end of the fair, the barren field was covered with over 200 trees. For each tree that was sold at the Royal Winter Fair, a real tree will be planted in its place this coming spring by Trees Ontario and partners. Thank you to everyone that participated in the activity.

The entire booth space was beautifully decorated with trees that were provided by partners Somerville Seedlings and Baker’s Nursery Ltd.

Al Corlett, Trees Ontario (TO) Forestry Specialist stands at the TO booth ready to share technical information on trees and tree planting.

Trees Ontario staff providing information on our planting subsidy programs to interested landowners.

Will Martin, Forestry Programs Manager for the Ontario Forestry Association (OFA) busy engaging with show attendees at the OFA booth.