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Trees Ontario Recognizes Environmental Student Champion, Jamie Mowbray

June 15, 2010 – Toronto, ON – Jamie Mowbray, a grade 11 student at Branksome Hall, is putting her photography and fundraising skills to a great and green cause. As part of a school project, Jamie underwent a five-month fundraising project where she managed, designed and produced a 12-month, calendar for 2010, in all aspects. And we mean all aspects.

With camera in hand, Jamie ventured to an assortment of locations and forests in Ontario to capture key tree and nature shots for her calendar series. Her photos are sourced from the Greater Toronto Area, Collingwood and Haliburton.

Once she completed her photo shoots, the Toronto youth then coordinated the layout, text and design of the calendar, which she had printed and produced in-kind by Xerox.  Her 2010 calendar includes a variety of informational quotes and facts about the benefits of trees and the environment on the whole. Over 50 copies of the calendar were produced.

In parallel to her project management and design work, Jamie reached out to individuals to sell her calendar and raise funds to support Trees Ontario and its tree planting initiatives in the province.

Calendar sales more than exceeded Jamie’s original expectations. “The support that people showed towards my project was great. Some people bought up to 10 calendars in order to give them as gifts to family members and friends,” said Jamie. “They helped me raise $1,600 for Trees Ontario, which definitely surpassed my original goals.”

Trees Ontario used these funds to support its 2010 planting season, whereby over 2 million trees were planted across the province.

The not for profit environmental organization would like to recognize and thank its
Environmental Champion, Jamie Mowbray for her efforts and support.

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Pictured here is Trees Ontario Environmental Student Champion, Jamie Mowbray, being presented with a certificate of recognition by Trees Ontario Marketing and Communications Manager, Elissa Schmidt.

 Pictured above are photographs from Jamie Mowbray’s remarkable 2010 calendar.