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Redeem your AIR MILES reward miles to plant trees

Ontario, October 27, 2010 – Trees Ontario and the AIR MILES® Reward Program are working together to re-green the landscape. You can now use your AIR MILES reward miles to donate to Trees Ontario’s tree planting efforts. Trees Ontario is committed to enhancing the health and integrity of the environment through a range of tree planting activities and is also focused on improving the entire infrastructure of tree planting-from seed forecasting and collection, training and mentoring new technical staff, to providing tree planting subsidy programs to landowners.

By redeeming a minimum of 175 reward miles in Ontario, Quebec or the Atlantic and Western Regions, you are helping to ensure that Trees Ontario is able to increase the number of trees it plants each year, helping to improve the environment and re-establish forests.

Trees provide numerous health benefits, such as helping to reduce air pollution because they absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. They add to the aesthetics of our landscape, provide needed habitat for wildlife and help to protect our natural water systems.

This year, with its partners, Trees Ontario will plant over 2 million trees. Its goal is to support the planting of 10 million trees per year by 2015. We can only accomplish this through your generous redemptions.

Redeem your AIR MILES reward miles and help us save our environment. One tree at a time.