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There’s Nothing Like the Smell of Christmas

Join Trees Ontario in celebrating the spirit of the holiday season at Lowe’s Toronto Christmas Market held December 2nd – 18th at the Distillery Historic District. Choosing your first real Christmas tree? Follow these simple steps to picking the perfect tree:

  • The most common trees used during the holidays include pine, fir, and spruce. Spruces tend to lose their needles first, and firs are somewhat slower.
  • Upon deciding the type and size of Christmas tree, make sure your tree is fresh. A freshly cut tree will last longer and its needles will stay on the branches, instead of your floor.
  • While checking the lot for a fresh tree, make sure that the trunk has some sap coming out of it.
  • Look for a tree that does not have brown needles.
  • The needles of pine and spruce should bend and not break. Take hold of a branch about six inches from the tip, between thumb and forefinger. Pull your hand toward you allowing the branch to slip through your fingers. Needles should not fall off in your hand.
  • Raise the tree just a few inches and drop it on the base of the trunk. Shake it a little if you can, preferably outside. A few needles should drop off. Some needles will continue to fall off, even from a fresh tree.

Caring for your cut tree:

  • With a saw, remove a two centimetre disk of wood from the bottom of the trunk, providing a clean cut that allows the tree to absorb water. Place it in a base with fresh water immediately.
  • Ensure that your tree has adequate water. Trees need up to four litres of water per day, so be sure to check daily and supply fresh water as needed. If you allow the water level to drop below the bottom of the tree, a seal will develop and a new cut will be necessary.
  • Display your tree away from direct heat to maintaining moisture and the fresh look of the tree.
  • Some people add floral preservatives, aspirin and even honey to tree stand water, but there is no evidence that these provide any benefit.

Stop by the Trees Ontario booth to choose from a variety of green gifts including Christmas trees, wreaths, seedlings, greeting cards, and mugs. Proceeds will benefit tree planting throughout Ontario. Information about our programs will also be available. To add to the festivities, Trees Ontario has donated the 45 foot Christmas tree decorated with 18,000 lights and ornaments. For more information about our Holiday Giving campaign, click here.

For more information or to set up an interview, please contact:

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Communications and Events Coordinator, Trees Ontario
416-646-1193 ext. 237

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Marketing & Communications Manager
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Photo Credit: Bonnie Sitter