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2011 – 2012 Annual Report

This year was pivotal in Trees Ontario’s growth with major steps taken to fulfill our organizational mandate. Through the successful launch of several new programs and our continued support for the capacity development of our planting partners, we have maintained our position as a leader in the forest restoration sector in Canada. The 2.9 million trees planted during the 2011 planting season contributed to a total of close to 13 million trees planted since 2004. Through the support of landowners, planting partners, the Ontario government, community groups and corporate partners such as CAA, Ontario Power Generation, Hydro One, HSBC, Energuy Canada Ltd., Air Miles and Sporting Life, these trees will restore habitat for forest biodiversity, generate oxygen, absorb carcinogenic pollutants from the air and contribute to a healthy population and sustainable economy for generations to come.

In April 2011, we had the pleasure of celebrating the planting of the 8-millionth tree under the government of Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program. Ontario’s commitment under the program is to plant 50 million trees in southern Ontario by 2025, representing one of the largest pledges in North America to the United Nations Billion Tree Campaign. Trees planted under the program are helping to clean the air and mitigate climate change, while providing much needed habitat in the most ecologically imperilled region in Canada. The government’s continued support for tree planting initiatives has allowed for the establishment of many new forests across the province. We have extended our reach to include northern Ontario through Trees Ontario’s Forest Restoration Program. Together with our northern partners, we continue to seek support in order to achieve our goal of contributing to the long-term environmental health and economic rejuvenation of the north.

We have also expanded our reach to engage partners across Canada. As such, 2011 witnessed the launch of our new Forest Recovery Canada (FRC) program. Trees Ontario has carried out successful national tree planting projects in the past. The official launch of the FRC program will enhance these efforts and will lead to a more extensive network of partners dedicated to reconnecting Canada’s fragmented forests.

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2011- 2012 Annual Report