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Successes, innovations & lessons learned shared at partner workshops

Trees Ontario hosts more than 75 planting partners to help enhance tree planting capacity

TORONTO, ON, July 12, 2013 – To wrap up the 2013 planting season, Trees Ontario recently held its annual “post-plant” technical workshops with its 65+ planting partners across Ontario.

Held in Kingston and Woodstock, this year’s seminars brought together more than 75 representatives, collectively, to discuss and review various aspects of the year’s tree plant planning and operations. During the workshop, presentations were provided by Trees Ontario Field Advisors and agency experts, including an update from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Trees Ontario also provided attendees with program development updates.

Most importantly, Trees Ontario partners had an opportunity to conduct an open discussion in which they shared success stories, lessons learned, innovations as well as brainstormed possible solutions to overcome common issues.

The goal of conducting regional workshops is to assist Trees Ontario’s partners in growing their program capacity while improving technical skills, all of which will enhance tree planting success.

“Sharing information and ideas among forestry experts is imperative to helping us reach our goal of enhancing tree planting capacity,” noted Rob Keen, CEO of Trees Ontario. “Annual updates, along with regular communication with our planting partners, allow us to network and keep up-to-date on best management practises as well as evolve and improve our annual targets.”