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Trees Ontario and participating nurseries offer $0.10 off each seedling order of 50-500

Trees Ontario and participating nurseries offer $0.10 off each seedling order of 50-500

TORONTO, ON, September 10, 2013 – Interested in making a difference for the environment but unsure of where to begin? Start with your own property and participate in Trees Ontario’s new annual DIY Forest program, which helps landowners save money on seeding purchases.

Launched today, DIY Forest is a tree rebate program that offers landowners the chance to save $0.10 on each seedling purchased in quantities of 50 to 500.

Planting trees near your home can help alleviate soil erosion, cleanse the air of pollutants and provide shade and windbreaks, which in turn can reduce the costs of air conditioning and heating. Recent research also suggests that trees offer significant emotional and mental benefits.

For a limited time (until March 31, 2014) and based on available quantities, landowners complete a quiz on the Trees Ontario website and download a discount coupon (one per person per calendar year) for use at participating nurseries: Ferguson Forest CentreRichardson’s Pineneedle Farms and Somerville Seedlings. [Note: Commercial operators do not qualify for this offer].

Participants must contact the nursery within three weeks of downloading the coupon to place their order. Tree seedling pick-ups then occur from April to May, 2014, to coincide with the year’s planting season.

“DIY Forest offers a great opportunity for landowners to learn about and contribute to environmental stewardship,” said Rob Keen, CEO of Trees Ontario. “For a relatively small investment, landowners can take pride in the trees they’ve planted and watch them mature into a healthy forest that will provide ecological services and benefits for generations to come.”

Trees, as they grow, produce oxygen and soak up carbon dioxide (CO2). Therefore, the planting of trees is an essential tool in helping mitigate climate change and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the air.



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