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Trees Ontario thanks OTSP for managing high-quality seed and supporting tree planting effort

Trees Ontario thanks OTSP for managing high-quality seed and supporting tree planting effort

, October 22, 2013 – Trees Ontario congratulated partner Ontario Tree Seed Plant on its contribution to conserving biological diversity at the facility’s 90th anniversary, held today in Angus, Ont.

Rob Keen, Trees Ontario’s CEO, addressed the crowd of more than 50 guests, which included dignitaries such as David Orazietti, Minister of Natural Resources, and other government and environmental representatives.

“Seed management is the foundation of any successful forest restoration program. With the help of the Ontario Tree Seed Plant, high-quality, locally adapted seed is available to ensure planting projects thrive,” said Keen. “As a key partner in our delivery of the 50 Million Tree Program, we are very grateful for the government’s continued support of this program.”

Through 90 years of experience, Ontario’s Tree Seed Plant is recognized as a world leader in tree seed collection. The facility uses innovative technology to extract, clean, test, and store billions of seeds each year that support the growth of trees in Ontario forests, woodlots, parks, schoolyards, and even your own back yard.

The facility supplies seed from 50 native trees to nursery operations, forestry companies and the public. By supporting tree planting, the facility helps Ontario adapt to the effects of climate change, restores endangered tree species and supports tens of thousands of jobs in the forest industry.

“The seeds cultivated at the Ontario Tree Seed Plant in Angus are a key component in the province’s plan for sustainable forest management,” said David Orazietti, Minister of Natural Resources. “This important facility processes and stores seeds that will create tomorrow’s forests.”

Planting trees and protecting the environment enhances the quality of life for Ontario families and ensures a dynamic, green economy for future generations. This is part of the government’s plan to invest in people, invest in infrastructure and support a dynamic and innovative business climate.