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2013 -2014 Annual Report

This has been a landmark year, thanks to our membership, the past boards of the Ontario Forestry Association and Trees Ontario, the new board for Forests Ontario and of course, the staff of Forests Ontario. We are building upon a very fine heritage and legacy, that of the Ontario Forestry Association, with its record of promoting forest awareness, education and stewardship, with the equally fine record of Trees Ontario, arguably North America’s premier not-for-profit organization facilitating large-scale tree planting and forest restoration efforts on private lands.

The merger of those legacies in January 2014, and the merging and honing of our robust programs in education, stewardship and forest restoration, have very much positioned us as the voice for our forests. Our new mantra is simple: “As one, we can maximize the impact we can make on Ontario’s forests and achieve a vision of healthy forests for healthy people”. We are now poised, and intentionally so, to be the “go-to” organization when it comes to issues pertaining to our forests. We are well positioned to meet the challenges and opportunities of both the present and the future as a bigger and stronger voice for Ontario’s forests. That is why we have come together as a single organization—to become more effective and to eliminate any confusion among potential supporters about who we are and what we represent. We are off to a very fine start: our staff is engaged, our programs are strong, and we are financially healthy.

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2013 – 2014 Annual Report