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Forests Ontario Supports the Liberal Government’s Commitment to Forest Restoration

June 13, 2014 – Forests Ontario supports the Liberal government’s vision to ensure the long term health of the province’s forest resources. Our organization is particularly pleased to acknowledge the election commitment of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to continue to work with municipalities and other partners such as Trees Ontario (the restoration arm of Forests Ontario) to maintain and enhance the province’s tree planting efforts across rural and urban areas.

Forests Ontario has extensive experience working with various partners and landowners to enhance forests, and sustainable forestry, on all private lands across all of Ontario. In addition to our restoration (planting) efforts, Forests Ontario also promotes, and provides support for, the sustainable stewardship of forest resources to ensure they continue to contribute to the health of our environment for future generations.

Our education and awareness efforts help promote a factual understanding of our forest resources and their importance to the environmental and social well-being of our province, our communities and our people. These efforts include working with public schools to bring forestry into the classroom as well as providing students with opportunities to visit, and experience firsthand the benefits of Ontario’s forests. Through such initiatives, Forests Ontario is working to connect our youth to the many values provided by our forests and to build their interest in natural resources and natural resource management.

Our organization looks forward to working with the Liberal government to help implement their vision for our rural and urban forest resources. For more information on Forests Ontario and our programs, please visit our website at


Shelley McKay

Director of Communications & Development