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The Ontario government’s re-introduction of the Invasive Species Act shows promise

Legislation Aims to Protect Ontario’s Environment

The Ontario government’s re-introduction of the Invasive Species Act shows promise

TORONTO, Ont., November 14, 2014 – Forests Ontario supports the Ontario government in its re-introduction of the proposed Invasive Species Act. The legislation is a positive step toward reducing threats from invasive species to Ontario’s forests.

The move to re-introduce the legislation following its dissolution in the last session of Parliament speaks to the government’s ongoing commitment to protect the environment from ecological risks posed by invasive species.

Ontario’s forests, particularly those in the south, have been challenged by invasive species, among them the Emerald Ash Borer, Dog-Strangling Vine, Asian Longhorn Beetle, and Buckthorn, to name a few. These species have wreaked havoc on our ecosystems. These challenges to our natural environment will, if unaddressed, continue to negatively impact our forests and habitats. The Invasive Species Act, if passed, will seek to integrate early detection methods with rapid response solutions designed to combat invasive species.

“Our forests provide vital ecological services to our province,” says Rob Keen, CEO Forests Ontario. “We are pleased by the government’s move to re-introduce this important piece of legislation and we look forward to working alongside the government to implement solutions to protect our natural resources.”

Forests Ontario, for its part, is continuing its mission to support and promote the sustainable management of Ontario’s forests through ongoing education and awareness efforts. This fall and winter, Forests Ontario is offering landowner workshops across the province that will address many key issues in forest management, including dealing with invasive species. The workshops will also provide landowners information on tree planting subsidies through the 50 Million Tree Program. For information or registration for upcoming workshops, visit


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