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Entering the Forest with The Heart of Robin Hood

TORONTO, ON, December 11, 2014 – This holiday season, Forests Ontario takes the stage with Mirvish Productions (sort of). From December 11-13th, Forests Ontario is hosting a mini holiday market outside the Royal Alexandra Theatre in the lead-up to Mirvish’s production of The Heart of Robin Hood. The market will run from 11 am-6 pm each day.

Pairing up with Mirvish for The Heart of Robin Hood is a natural fit for Forests Ontario, given the crucial role that forests play in the Robin Hood legend. Using Ontario sourced wood, Forests Ontario is bringing the forests to the city by erecting a miniature Sherwood Forest in front of the Royal Alexandra Theatre where patrons can buy real trees and wreaths, and gifts, all in support of forest restoration.

Mirvish is also working with Forests Ontario to make forestry education part of their Robin Hood production. Learning resources developed by Forests Ontario will be distributed to classroom groups attending performances of The Heart of Robin Hood that challenge students to learn more about the historical significance of forests, their role in shaping surrounding communities, and the history of protected Crown forests in Ontario.

All of us – the rural landowner who plants trees on their property to increase our forest cover, the forester who manages our forest resources, the consumer in the city who buys locally made wood products – have an important role to play in helping our forests thrive. Working alongside partners like Mirvish helps Forests Ontario expand the conversation around our forests to newer and wider audiences and strengthen the public’s awareness of how their choices can better support our forests, healthier communities, and our economy.

Forests Ontario is taking our message of healthy forests for a healthy future to thousands over the holiday season. Forests Ontario encourages everyone to drop by the Royal Alexandra Theatre to choose a real tree as a greener option for the holidays. For more information about The Heart of Robin Hood, please visit


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