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New video by Forests Ontario highlights the profound value of our forests

Connecting to Our Forests

New video highlights the profound value of our forests

TORONTO, ON, February 17, 2015 – A new video showcasing the deep connection between humans and our forests is setting the forestry world abuzz. The video, entitled “Connecting to our Forests”, will make its official debut at Forests Ontario’s annual conference on February 20th to a crowd of nearly 300 forestry practitioners, students, forest industry, and government stakeholders.

The video showcases students of Forests Ontario’s Forestry Connects program making meaningful connections with the forest, learning about the many forest products used in our daily lives and the careers available in the forestry sector. It also gleams insight into the opinions of those in the forestry sector, particularly those working in Algonquin Provincial Park, on the value of the forest industry. The video highlights the inherent value of the sector, the jobs and livelihood it supports, and the meaningful connection forests bring, at a time when many outside forces are challenging the legitimacy of logging operations in the Park.

Ontario’s Crown forests, including those in Algonquin Park, are well-documented as being among the best managed forests in the world. Ontario’s sustainable forestry sector contributes to the economic and social well-being of hundreds of communities across the province and provides us with a variety of renewable products that we depend on day-in and day-out.

The challenge for the forest sector and the people that rely on forestry for their economic standing is that these facts, while well established, are not necessarily well-known. To a large degree, there remains a disconnect between the public’s perception of forestry and the role it plays in everyday lives, a situation that is unfortunately compounded by misinformed rhetoric and political campaigns aimed at eliminating sustainable forestry from parts of the province.

Educating people on the necessity of the forestry sector is top of mind for Forests Ontario. For the past two years, the not-for-profit has brought over 40 high school students from southern Ontario to witness first-hand the world-class management practices that take place in Algonquin Park. This year, with the support of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, the Algonquin Forestry Authority, and McRae Lumber, Forests Ontario and Ontario Wood used the opportunity to produce “Connecting to our Forests”. The video is now available on-line here.

Ontario’s forests are vital to the social and economic fabric of our province and the maintenance of healthy and vibrant communities. The fact that Ontario’s forests are managed to the highest environmental standards in the world is certainly something that all Ontarians can be proud of.


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Forests Ontario was created in 2014 as a result of the merging of not-for-profit organizations Trees Ontario and the Ontario Forestry Association (OFA). Forests Ontario is committed to the re-greening of Ontario through tree planting efforts on rural lands and in urban areas as well as the renewal and stewardship of Ontario’s forests. Forests Ontario and its 85 provincial partners work to protect, renew and manage forest resources through programs, services and advocacy. To learn more, please visit or follow us @Forests_Ontario.