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Northern partners look for ways to grow capacity of 50 Million Tree Program

April 17, 2015 – 2014 marked the expansion of the 50 Million Tree Program in northern Ontario. To date, the program has supported the planting of more than 16.5 million trees in southern Ontario. With the program’s expansion, Forests Ontario’s partners in the North have worked to build a foundation for the program in the region.

Millson Forestry Service has partnered with Forests Ontario to deliver the program in the Timmins region. Co-owner Jenny Millson has promoted the idea of planting on municipal lands that fit the criteria for planting under the program. Millson advocates for planting on municipal lands as a way to promote the program while beautifying public spaces.

“I believe there are municipal lands that are eligible for the funding,” says Millson. “I think it would be a good way of beautifying these areas as well as promoting this new program in the area.”

The idea of planting trees on municipal lands has been presented to Timmins City Council, where it has been positively received by councillors. Timmins Council has proposed examining certain sites for planting, including the Lonergan Avenue Wetlands Park, which Millson says is workable if enough free space is available. In an interview on CBC Radio’s ‘Up North,’ Millson also stated that a series of old farm fields in Timmins could serve as planting sites under the program.

During the CBC interview, Millson discussed the need to increase forest cover in Ontario, in order to clean air and water, increase wildlife habitat and support greater carbon sequestration. By engaging the broader community and proactively highlighting possible planting sites, Millson Forestry Service has highlighted the fact that an abundance of productive but often unused land is available throughout Ontario, presenting many opportunities to plant for a greener and healthier Ontario.

Millson also demonstrates the importance of planting delivery agents in working on the ground to build the capacity of the 50 Million Tree Program and ensure that it takes root in the northern Ontario.



About 50 Million Tree Program

Trees Ontario, the forest restoration arm of Forests Ontario, administers the Ontario government’s 50 Million Tree Program, part of the United Nations Billion Tree Campaign. The United Nations’ goal is to plant one billion trees worldwide each year. Ontario is committed to help achieve this goal.

The 50 Million Tree Program is designed to significantly reduce the costs to landowners of large-scale tree planting and thereby increase the number of trees planted across the province.

About Forests Ontario

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