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Cheers to Local Wood!

From September 18-19, Ontario Place hosted its annual Toronto Oktoberfest, a celebration of food, drink, and culture. The event transformed the main parking lot of Ontario Place into a mini Bavarian village featuring a marketplace, beer and food vendors, a corn maze, and a games area.

This year, Forests Ontario was part of the festivities for the first time alongside Ontario Wood at the games area, hosting barrel races, the pretzel toss, log sawing, and even Ontario Wood Jenga. Equipment for all games was handcrafted from Ontario wood and prizes were distributed by Forests Ontario. Everyone’s favourite forest resident Smokey Bear also made an appearance to take pictures. Finally, attendees both young and old brought out their creative side at our tree cookie decorating station. Toronto Oktoberfest welcomed thousands of visitors and Forests Ontario was proud to be on hand in support of Ontario’s forestry sector and wood artisans.

Throughout the year, Forests Ontario appears at dozens of trade shows, conferences, events, and fairs to promote the contribution of the province’s forestry sector in making our communities vibrant and prosperous. Through our partnership with Ontario Wood, we’ve worked to provide greater exposure to artisans, builders, woodworkers, and craftspeople across the province creating products that are beautiful, functional, unique, and produced from a sustainable and renewable resource.

Ontario’s forests are among the most diverse and well managed in the world. Legislation and oversight have ensured that forest management practices in Ontario balance healthy ecosystems with a robust forest industry that contributes more than $6 billion to the provincial economy and employs 180,000 professionals. When consumers choose products marked with the Ontario Wood leaf, they can be sure that they have made the greener choice and one that will support local economic growth.