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LCBO Raises Funds in Support of Healthy Forests

2016 marked another successful planting season for Forests Ontario with millions of trees planted across the province on both public and private property, increasing Ontario’s forest cover and engaging thousands of volunteers to make their community greener.

Thanks to the LCBO for supporting Forests Ontario through the Provincial Donation Box Program.

Thanks to the LCBO for supporting Forests Ontario through the Provincial Donation Box Program.

The support of our partners and sponsors makes it possible for Forests Ontario to continually deliver on our mission to make our province greener and healthier. This year, we were privileged to have the support of the LCBO through the Provincial Donation Box Program. Forests Ontario donation boxes were displayed at checkout counters across 650 LCBO stores.

“This was an amazing opportunity for Forests Ontario and we are grateful for the generosity of the LCBO and its customers,” says Rob Keen, Forests Ontario CEO. “In addition to building support for our tree planting programs, having our name visible to so many Ontarians will help promote our message that healthy forests are essential to healthy communities.”

Forests Ontario was one of 28 provincial and local charities selected for the Provincial Donation Box Program in 2016. Along with the LCBO’s other community giving initiatives, the Provincial Donation Box Program raises as much as $10 million for charities across Ontario every year.

Forests Ontario’s mission is to plant and manage healthy forests across the province and to encourage landowners, students, and communities to take an active role as stewards of our natural ecosystems. Every year, Forests Ontario plants almost three million trees across Ontario and engages more than 10,000 students in learning about our natural ecosystems through in-class and outdoor programs.

Our forests provide all Ontarians with clean air and water and places to play, camp, hike, and explore. Forests also ensure healthy soils and are home to an incredible range of wildlife. In addition, healthy, well managed forests are essential for sequestering carbon emissions and addressing the challenge of climate change.

Forests Ontario extends our gratitude to the LCBO and its customers whose support will help us achieve our mission of a greener and healthier future for all Ontarians.


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