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Real Trees are the Fuller, Fresher, and Greener Choice for the Holidays

Posted: December 1, 2016

This weekend, Forests Ontario returns to the Distillery Historic District for the 2016 Toronto Christmas Market. We’re proud to kid-and-treeonce again be the official vendor of real, locally grown trees and wreaths provided by our good friends at Somerville Nurseries. We’ll have sizes ranging from mini “condo trees” to towering nine-footers, all embodying the beauty of our forests. Join us from December 2nd-4th. All proceeds from the market support our tree planting and education programs.

Below, Viktoria breaks down ten reasons why when choosing between a real and fake tree, you should go for the real thing.

  1. One of the biggest mistakes people make while dealing with this question is thinking that fake Christmas trees are better for the environment. Christmas tree farms, where real trees are grown, are very environmentally friendly. They soak up carbon dioxide emitted by cars, planes, and our homes. When you buy a real tree from a local tree farm, you can also count on a new tree being planted in its place.
  2. Real Christmas trees are 100% biodegradable. They can be milled after the Christmas season and the wood can be used for new product made by wood artisans.
  3. Every year over 500 farmers in Ontario produce more than one million Christmas trees. That means you’re supporting the local economy. There is a large variety of real Christmas trees in all sizes, shapes and shades of green.
  4. Tree farms provide wildlife habitat. Some people might think the habitat is destroyed when trees are harvested but the truth is that farms plant new seedlings every time to grow trees for the future holiday season. Also, the trees are not all condo-treeharvested at the same time so farms provide continuous habitat.
  5. Also, the hunt for a yearly Christmas tree supports family activities. On many farms across Ontario, it’s possible to cut your own tree. Families use this chance to enjoy time together while selecting the perfect tree for their home.
  6. Fake trees are more expensive than real trees. A mid size artificial tree costs around $100 while a real Christmas tree costs in most cases less than the half, usually ranging from $40 to $50.
  7. Artificial trees are made out of PVC (petroleum-derived plastic), which is not biodegradable and also doesn’t have the authentic pine smell that fills the room when you put up a real tree.
  8. After the holidays, real trees are mulched and used in municipal parks. Fake trees need to be stored a whole year in the house and depending on their size they may take up a lot of space.
  9. Also buying a real Christmas tree supports the local farmers in Ontario. While the most artificial trees are made in China, the real Christmas trees are planted on farms across Ontario.
  10. Last but not least, real Christmas trees are just more traditional than fake trees. They connect people with the nature and create a special atmosphere through the authentic smell and look.

All in all, there are lot good and convincing reasons to buy a real Christmas tree this year. Not only families with children will enjoy the advantages of a real tree. The authentic pine smell is a must-have for the Christmas season. Even if it seems easier to buy an artificial tree, it is much better for the planet and also for your wallet to buy a real Christmas tree.