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Viktoria’s FO Journal #3: the Toronto Christmas Market

Posted: December 15, 2016

by Viktoria Neuhaus

Every year during Christmas, Forests Ontario sells Christmas trees and wreaths at the Toronto Christmas market. The trees dsc_8274were all from Somerville Seedlings in Alliston, Ontario. Every year, over 600 farmers in Ontario produce more than 1 million Christmas trees. These Christmas tree farms plant new seedlings every time to grow trees for the future holiday season. Also, the trees are not harvested at the same time, allowing them to provide wildlife habitat and other benefits while they grow.

Last weekend, I had the great opportunity to help for one day at the Toronto Christmas Market. Forests Ontario was selling trees from Friday the 2nd of December to Sunday December 4th. I was helping on Sunday from morning to the afternoon. We had our own booth near the entrance of the Christmas market. Except for Christmas trees, we also sold wreaths and Forests Ontario merchandise like toques and calendars. The Christmas tress had signs in different colors at their trunk to identify the size and the price easier. The smallest trees were around 4-5 ft and the tallest 8-9 ft.

I arrived at the Christmas market around 9:30 am to help with the preparations for the selling that started at 10 am. We dsc_8698organized the trees around the booth and after a short while we already started selling. There were many people looking for a perfect Christmas trees. Especially the really small trees, called “condo trees,” were very popular. Most of the time, I was responsible for the payment. I wrote receipts for the customers and took care of the money. Also the customers could feel free to ask me questions about the trees, the Christmas Market, and the Forests Ontario merchandise.

At the end of the day we sold a lot of Christmas trees, especially the little condo trees. Even if it was a cold day to work outside, the day was a success for me because I gained a lot of new experience. During the day I realized that I became more confident while dealing with the costumers. At the beginning it was a new situation for me because I’ve never had experience in selling something and being in direct contact with customers.  After this day I would do this kind of work again at any time because I enjoyed working outside and having conversations with many customers. Also it was a great opportunity to learn more about Toronto’s culture while working on the Christmas market, what I really enjoyed.


Viktoria is a student from Dusseldorf, Germany and an intern with Forests Ontario. Viktoria helps out with our education programs and events, building her English skills and growing her interest in the environment. 

Published December 15th, 2016