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AET Walks the Walk

Posted: May 15, 2017

by Steffie Wong

AET has delivered more than a thousand projects across Canada ranging from green design solutions to environmental audits and monitoring. Working with organizations across diverse industries to create solutions that not only meet the needs of clients but enrich surrounding communities.

Sustainability is not just the core of AET’s work, but a driving force in community involvement for the organization and for their employees. AET proudly proclaims that its employees “live their philosophy,” and take the organization’s commitment into their own operations. Initiatives include the use of green electricity and natural gas through Bullfrog Power at their Kitchener based head office, onsite stormwater management, and sustainable transport incentives.

(Right: Steffie takes part in City of Kitchener’s Earth Day tree plant.)

AET has also pledged support to Forest Recovery Canada. This planting season, AET’s support will plant 250 trees through Forest Recovery Canada, Forests Ontario’s national planting program.

AET’s support of Forest Recovery Canada takes the organization’s commitment to healthy communities beyond their own

neighbourhood. Greater forest cover across Canada will support clear air and water, healthy soils, and recreational space for all Canadians.

(Right: AET’s newly installed bioswale and storm water management system can redirect 70% of rain and snow that falls on AET’s property.)

Steffie is an Environmental Technician with AET Group and co-chair of the Sustainability Team. She was responsible for encouraging participation throughout various company-wide sustainability challenges, which in turn, promoted awareness and environmental concern through a greater network. (You can read more about these fun events on AET’s blog!) Steffie is an environmentally-conscious individual; she always plans to carpool rather than commute alone, divert recycling and organic material anywhere she goes, and volunteer at tree planting events.