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Posted: September 5, 2017

by Kaitlyn Kiraly

In the midst of wedding season, and during a time where caring for the environment is vital, more and more couples are incorporating forestry into their wedding.

Forestry can be incorporated subtly, with focus on the décor, or the wedding can be fully immersed in the theme of forests and the outdoors. Both options are elegant and can be inexpensive if you have the time to take on the “do-it-yourself” role.

Forestry Wedding Décor

Tree cookies can be used as drink coasters placed at tables for the wedding reception. Coasters can be left plain or engraved for originality. There are a couple options for customizing the coasters, such as the names of the bride and the groom with the wedding date. Another option is using the coaster as a multi-purpose piece, engraving the name of each guest for use as their table placecard.

The candles on the dinner tables at the reception are a fun way to show off your DIY skills. Some of my favourites include using larger tree cookies or using fallen thin branches. A white candle in a mason jar with some greenery placed on a stack of a few tree cookies is simple and elegant. Another option is to collect a bunch of small fallen branches and place them around a glass candle. For a more rustic look, wrap a piece of rope around the piece to hold the twig in place.

If you’re keen on having one larger center piece, carve out candle slots in a thin, but longer branch from a fallen tree. You can add your personal touch with pinecones or flowers.

Forestry can be brought to life inside for your indoor wedding ceremony. The wedding arch can be formed through long, thin branches, twisted together.

The perfect wedding favor for your guests is a tree seedling they can plant. Encourage your guests to “spread the love and let it grow!” Covering the tree pod in a burlap wrapping with a ribbon adds a seamless finishing touch. Forests Ontario has the option for you to purchase seedlings for your wedding event.

Total Forest Themed Wedding

In order to completely immerse yourself in the forestry theme, you can take your wedding to the forest itself.

Larger trees can be used to attach photos to. One of my favourite ideas that I came cross was the “couple’s story” through photos. A few photo frames per tree along a walking path that guests would utilize to get to the ceremony or reception is the perfect place to display this piece of décor.

Another cute idea that I came across was the “family tree.” Both the bride and the groom’s families are displayed through family photos frames attached to trees along a walking path. Each of these ideas are charming and add a personal touch to your wedding.

Whether you want to bring a small touch of forestry into your wedding through decorations, or completely immerse your wedding into the theme of forestry by setting both the ceremony and the reception outdoors, a wedding in any season is a great time to utilize the theme of forestry.

Kaitlin Kiraly graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University’s Kinesiology program with an Honours Bachelor of Arts this past spring. Kaitlin enjoys the outdoors and spending time with family.