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Faces of Forests Ontario: Azra Fazal

Posted: August 2, 2018

Name: Azra Fazal

Position: Acting Communications Manager

Favourite Tree: Ginkgo biloba

As acting Communications Manager, Azra plays a key role in advancing awareness among the general public and forestry community at Forests Ontario. Since joining the Forests Ontario team in October of 2017 as Communications Officer, Azra’s work days have been filled with a range of tasks from formulating press releases, to overseeing public communication platforms, to managing internal and external communications – no two days are ever the same. It is this variability that she enjoys most about her job, as well as the opportunities she has to share the importance of healthy forests with the broader community.

Although Azra grew up in an urban environment, her parents prioritized outdoor recreation and education from an early age. It was this exposure to Canada’s wildlife that sparked Azra’s interest in the environment and appreciation for forests. She went on to undertake a Bachelor of Environmental Studies at the University of Waterloo, during which she held multiple co-op positions which focused upon communications in the environmental sector. Following her introduction to the many ways in which the environment is talked about, Azra is motivated to ensure that Forests Ontario continues to grow far beyond just tree planting by also promoting its diverse education and awareness programs.

In future, Azra hopes to continue to foster Forests Ontario’s readership, and educate a greater and more diverse subset of the population on the impacts of forests on their everyday life. When Azra isn’t promoting the benefits of healthy forests (or enjoying them herself), she enjoys reading, painting, and capturing the beauty of nature through photography. Azra is also an avid traveler, and is always eager to broaden her horizons and infuse inspiration from her wanderings into her work.