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Celebrate National Forest Week with Forests Ontario

Posted: September 13, 2018

National Forest Week celebrates one of Canada’s most
economically and culturally important renewable resources – our forests!

This year, Canada will be celebrating National Forest Week (NFW) from September 23rd to 29th. Dating back to 1920, this week is a call for all Canadians to learn more about the place our forests occupy in our history and culture, and the roles they play in fostering social, economic, and environmental well-being in our communities. Throughout NFW, individuals and groups across the country will be supporting activities that celebrate the beauty and importance of our forests!

Forests Ontario is proud to offer a variety of opportunities to support the future of our forests and learn more about one of our most vital renewable natural resources. Here are just some of the ways Forests Ontario allows individuals to get involved during National Forest Week, and throughout the year:

Become a Member of Forests Ontario

Our members allow us to do amazing things! Thanks to their support, we are able to continue promoting the importance of our forests and ensuring their health for future generations through restoration, education, and awareness initiatives. And membership comes with its own perks, too! New Forests Ontario members get 10 free seedlings in addition to access to forest management resources, discounted workshops and events, valuable networking opportunities, and frequent special offers from our partners and sponsors.

Your support helps strengthen the voice of our forests, consider speaking up and becoming a member today! Visit our membership page to learn more.

Plant with the 50 Million Tree Program

The 50 Million Tree Program (50MTP) offers financial and practical assistance to Ontario landowners looking to plant trees. Forests Ontario connects eligible landowners with local planting partners who handle all major aspects of the planting process, including seed collection, site assessment, planning, planting, and invasive species control, and will also conduct follow-up assessments.

There’s no better way to celebrate NFW than by registering for 50MTP, especially as fall is the ideal time to start preparing for next spring’s planting! Tree planting is an excellent way to increase the value of your property while also making a positive contribution to a healthy environment, and the 50MTP makes planting as easy as possible. Check out our website for more information.

Join the Conversation #ITAF

Did you know it takes a forest to have a healthy world, sustain life, and be complete? It Takes a Forest (ITAF) is our central awareness initiative, created to share unbiased and fact-based information on Ontario’s forestry sector and the role of our forests. Stay informed and join the conversation by following us on twitter at @ItTakesAForest.

Explore your Backyard Trees with TD TreeBee

Forests Ontario’s oldest education tool has been transformed into an app! Families, school groups, and budding tree enthusiasts alike are buzzing over the accessible and easy-to-use TD TreeBee tree identification tool. Get outside and celebrate NFW by learning about your local trees!

Check out your Local Heritage Trees

Forests are deeply rooted within Canada’s heritage. In fact, you might be surprised by the amount of history your own neighbourhood trees have witnessed! The TD Heritage Tree program, sponsored by TD and run by Forests Ontario, pays tribute to historically and culturally significant trees by recognizing them with Heritage Tree status. Celebrate NFW and your local Heritage Trees by reading about them on our website or visiting them using our Heritage Tree map. Or, nominate a new one yourself!

Bring the Forest into your Classroom

Forests Ontario offers a variety of classroom-based education programs. Forestry in the Classroom gives students an opportunity to learn more about forestry sector careers. If you’re a teacher and are interested in working with us to arrange for a forestry professional to visit your class, share their experiences, and answer questions, visit our Forestry in the Classroom webpage.

Focus on Forests (FOF) is a collection of forest-focused learning resources and activities for students from K-12. FOF resources are curriculum-linked, bilingual, and multi-media, providing teachers with simple and engaging ways to get students outdoors and learning about our natural environment. Check out our webpage to access our resources and learn more.

Make a Donation

Donating to Forests Ontario takes only minutes, but your contribution lasts a lifetime. Your donations, whether one-time or recurring, support certified seed collection, help provide technical training and mentorship programs, and teach a new generation of stewards about the importance of healthy forests. What better way to celebrate NFW than to give back?

Forests Ontario offers various ways to donate, whether you want to ‘make a green statement’ at your wedding, ‘go green’ at your next event, or make a donation in memoriam of a loved one. Check out our webpage to make a donation or for more details.


Our forests are our future. Each of us can play a role in sustaining healthy and abundant forests in Ontario – during National Forest Week, and into the future.