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Envirothon Spirit Challenge

Posted: April 24, 2019

Even if your team doesn’t win your regional competition, you can still have a shot at going to the Ontario Envirothon if you participate in the Spirit Challenge. All you have to do is earn virtual badges by completing mini social media challenges anytime between April 8th and May 8th!

The team who has earns the most badges will be selected to move on to the Ontario Envirothon. If two or more teams tie for the most number of badges earned, they will be entered into a draw. The winner will be announced May 10th.

Excited? So are we! Check out the badges and instructions on how you can earn them below. But remember, include your team name in ALL posts so that we can assign badges to the correct teams.


The Storyteller Badge

Tag @Forests_Ontario in an Envirothon-related Instagram story.


The Host with the Most Badge

Tag Ontario Envirothon host University of Waterloo Faculty of Environment in a Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook post. Hint: their handle is @envwaterloo.


The Tree Hugger Badge

Post a picture of your favourite tree in your team’s community on either Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook & tag us @Forests_Ontario.


The Influencer Badge

Use the hashtag #ONEnvirothon in a Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook post.


The Workshop Badge

Post a picture of your team participating in a regional workshop on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and tag us @Forests_Ontario.


The Social Spammer Badge

Earn this badge by posting the greatest number of social media posts using the hashtag #ONEnvirothon and tagging us @Forests_Ontario!


The Value Badge

This badge will be awarded to the team that we believe embodies the most Envirothon values based upon their social media posts. And remember, tag @Forests_Ontario is all your posts!


This competition is open to any registered Envirothon team that meets the current Envirothon eligibility requirements (team of five, full-time students both semesters part of the same school or community group).

Ready, set, go!