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Northern Ontario High School Grad Rewarded for Environmental Stewardship Efforts

Posted: August 22, 2019

Award recipient Caleb Patterson with Algoma Envirothon Co-chair Tom Croswell at scholarship presentation ceremony in Sault Ste. Marie.

Recent Korah Collegiate graduate Caleb Patterson has been recognized for his achievements as a young environmental steward with the 2019 James S. Miller Memorial Scholarship. Tom Croswell, Co-Chair of the Algoma Envirothon, presented the scholarship to Caleb on August 17th at the J.S. Miller Trail Head in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

The James S. Miller Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a senior high school student in Northern Ontario who intends to pursue a post-secondary education in natural resources or a related field.

“I am very passionate about the environment, and my life goal is to make a difference and leave a lasting impression on future generations,” stated Caleb in his application. “I have planted hundreds of trees, manage a vegetable garden with rainwater and no fertilizers or pesticides, do my best to minimize waste and carbon emissions, and attempt to educate others to do the same.  I believe that my values closely reflect those of James S. Miller and want to do my best to bring his legacy forwards.”

For only 18, Caleb’s accomplishments are quite impressive. He also has admirable future aspirations, and is looking forward to starting his post secondary education at Carleton University where he will be studying Environmental Engineering. When asked what he hopes to do in future, Caleb expressed his interest in a wide range of jobs within the environmental sector. “I love it all – from planting trees, to identifying and removing invasive species, to the planning of ecologically sound farming and logging practices.”

Caleb’s interest in nature, the environment, and climate change began at a young age. He grew up camping across Ontario with his family and was also in scouts; he attributes his knowledge of and appreciation for the environment to these experiences. However, he wasn’t introduced to a potential career in the natural resources sector until he worked for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry last summer.

This summer, Caleb is working as a Stewardship Youth Ranger in the Town of Thessalon.  Alongside three other youth rangers and a supervisor, he works to look after the local environment. When Caleb isn’t clearing trails or watering windbreaks for work, you can find him enjoying nature at his family’s seasonal trailer in Pinecrest Tent & Trailer Park or at his favourite camping spot in Grundy Lake.

Forests Ontario is pleased to award the James S. Miller Scholarship to such a promising and deserving individual such as Caleb, and is looking forward to seeing the positive environmental impact he will have in the future.

The scholarship acknowledges the great contributions made by its namesake, James S. Miller, who worked in various aspects of forestry for the Ministry of Natural Resources. Miller, an avid outdoorsman, environmental steward, and proponent of youth education, passed away in 2007. Mr. Miller’s belief in the importance of forestry to present and future generations is reflected in the selection committee’s decision to recognize students with a dedication to environmental pursuits.