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This program is supported by the Government of Canada.

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Find Your Voice at the Largest Forest Conference in Ontario

Posted: November 28, 2019

By: Alanna Evans

For 60 years, the start of a new year has signaled a time for forestry gathering in Ontario. The Ontario Forestry Association, Forests Ontario’s predecessor, would host annual meetings at the Royal York Hotel in downtown Toronto. The men (they were all men back then), including members and forestry professionals, reviewed the year’s programming and activities.

As the organization evolved and eventually merged with Trees Ontario to form Forests Ontario, these winter gatherings also evolved. What began as a meeting in two rooms of the Royal York Hotel has become the largest forestry conference in the province.

Each year, Forests Ontario Annual Conference gathers more than 400 forest enthusiasts, connecting members, landowners, forestry professionals, educators and students. This year’s theme, We the Forest, more than ever stresses the importance of our voices speaking up for the forests.

Our connections to our forests are invaluable. Forests sequester carbon and provide us with solutions in the fight against climate change. They ground us, providing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits for our health and well-being. They support our economy, our homes and our communities. It’s vital that we speak up for our forests and our ecosystems because they are our future.

On February 14, 2020, Forests Ontario invites you to show your love for our forests. Bring your voice and join us as we discuss the ways we can collaborate to ensure our forests’ future. From professionals to students, we look forward to creating a space for knowledge sharing and innovative thinking. Building on over 60 years of forestry connections, we are committed to continue strengthening through diversity and collaboration.

Forests Ontario also invites you to kick off Conference with an evening of networking on February 13. Join us at the Nottawasaga Inn’s Starlite Lounge to enjoy some food and drink, spark conversations and make connections.

Our goal is to empower, enable, and encourage all the voices for our forests. We hope you bring your voice and walk away from this year’s Conference inspired to act for the health and abundance of our forests.

On Valentine’s Day, let the forest steal your heart.