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Forests Ontario Celebrates National Christmas Tree Day with Smokey Bear at the Toronto Christmas Market

Posted: December 10, 2019

Forests Ontario’s CEO, Rob Keen, took the stage at the Toronto Christmas Market in celebration of National Christmas Tree Day on Saturday. Accompanied by Smokey Bear, Keen gave information on the benefits of choosing real Christmas trees.

“Real Christmas trees are the most environmentally friendly choice there is,” Keen, a Registered Professional Forester for 38 years, explained. “They have a smaller carbon footprint than their plastic counterparts, and they’re 100% biodegradable. And let’s not forget their positive impact on the local economy.”

Ontario is home to more than 500 tree farmers that sell over a million Christmas trees per year.  According to Forests Ontario, every acre of these tree farms produces enough oxygen for 18 people, daily.

Forests Ontario staff and volunteers were on site over the weekend, selling locally-sourced trees and wreaths (as they will be on the weekend of December 13-15); all proceeds will go to support their large-scale tree planting efforts.

“We have several different sizes and species of tree,” continued Keen. “And our friendly staff are eager to give tips on how to care for your tree once you bring it home.”

Forests Ontario is a non-profit charity with a mission to be the voice of Ontario’s forests. Best known for their 50 Million Tree Program, they also administer a variety of tree planting, forest education, and awareness initiatives. Forests Ontario, along with the Canadian Christmas Tree Growers Association, donated the iconic 50-foot Balsam Fir that currently stands at the heart of the Toronto Christmas Market.

“There are so many great reasons to choose a real tree over a fake one. Whether you purchase one from us or from a local grower, you are making a wise and sustainable choice,” Keen said.  “To you and yours, happy National Christmas Tree Day and best of the holidays from Forests Ontario.”