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Seven-Year-Old’s Birthday Money and Other Donations Help Forests Ontario Plant Trees

Posted: December 16, 2019

The other day, a boy visited our office with his mother. He was seven years old. In his hand, the boy clutched a small mason jar. The jar was crammed full of bills, loonies and toonies.

“This is my birthday money,” the boy said. “I want to donate it to Forests Ontario. I have $80 here. I want to give you this money so that you can plant trees.”

Even at his young age, this boy knows climate change threatens our way of life. Across Canada and around the world, we see the dangers. Drought, flooding, wildfire and invasive pests are increasing in frequency and intensity.

Our young donor fears for his future, but he is also hopeful. He knows that Forests Ontario can help our planet.  A tree is a natural carbon solution. Trees remove carbon dioxide from the air. Nature is a tool we can use to repair our broken climate.

At Forests Ontario, our team knows how to plant trees. In 11 years, we have planted 33 million trees across Canada. We have big plans: to reach our target of 50 million trees in Ontario, and to step up planting across Canada through our national division, Forest Recovery Canada.

Just like our seven-year-old donor, you can help. You can tell others about how forests heal the earth. You can spread the word about Forests Ontario. You can send us a donation. With your support, we will plant trees, to cool our planet and strengthen our ecosystem.

You can make your donation online through the Forests Ontario website.