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Faces of Forests Ontario: Fraser McLaughlin

Posted: January 8, 2020

Fraser McLaughlin

Favourite Tree: White Cedar

Position: Forestry Program Development Coordinator

The Forests Ontario team is pleased to introduce Fraser McLaughlin as our newest member! As the Forestry Program Development Coordinator, Fraser will be using Geographic Information System (GIS) software to compile environmental data and strategically identify tree planting areas for the 50 Million Tree Program. He’ll also be helping with field work and education outreach.

Though Fraser grew up in Toronto, he has always enjoyed the natural landscapes of Ontario and beyond. His childhood was spent camping, hiking, and canoeing across Canada with his family. Today, Fraser still enjoys many of the same activities, as well as exploring the music, arts, and food cultures of major cities worldwide. Fun fact: Fraser can speak English, French, and a little bit of Spanish!

Fraser attended McGill University, where he completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography and Anthropology and Master’s Degree in Environmental Science. His career thus far has included carpentry and using his tech and spatial skills in the urban planning field to create cities that are friendly towards pedestrians and cyclists.

Fraser is thrilled to be joining a team of environmentally like-minded individuals at Forests Ontario!