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Faces of Forests Ontario: Colleen Mahaffie

Posted: February 11, 2020

Favourite Tree: Birch

Position: Social Media Specialist

We are excited to welcome Colleen Mahaffie, our new Social Media Specialist, to the Forests Ontario team! Colleen will be helping us respond to comments and questions across Forests Ontario’s social media profiles, drafting and scheduling digital content, and creating graphics for social media and advertisements. So far, the highlight of her work has been interacting with a variety of people on our social media.

Raised in Delaware, USA, Colleen holds a communications degree from Villanova University in Pennsylvania. She has spent time backpacking through Europe and as a camp counselor at a family resort in Vermont. Before beginning her employment at Forests Ontario, Colleen worked at an interior design firm.

Colleen was initially attracted to working at Forests Ontario because of our commitment to advocating on behalf of the provinces’ forests and our interest in mitigating climate change; these goals are similar to Colleen’s own career goals, and she intends to continue working for organizations that promote social and ecological advancement.

Colleen loves to spend time in natural areas outside of the city. In Toronto, she enjoys concert-going and beer-sampling.