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Forests Ontario’s Annual Conference Highlighted Forestry Leaders

Posted: February 18, 2020

Canopy Growth received the Green Legacy Award

Canopy Growth received the Green Legacy Award

Forests Ontario’s 6th annual conference brought together more than 400 landowners, forestry professionals, Indigenous leaders, educators and students on February 14th in Alliston.

“It’s fitting that our conference is on Valentine’s Day, as a love for forests repays a thousand-fold,” said Rob Keen, CEO of Forests Ontario. “Our forests provide us with food, shelter, and warmth; they support the ecosystem services we depend on; they fight climate change – when we take care of our forests, they take care of us.”

This is the largest forestry conference of its kind in the province and featured presentations, local exhibitors, a silent auction for charity, and an awards ceremony which recognized important contributors to forestry.

  • Robert de Pencier Award: This award, presented to an individual for outstanding activities in private land forest management and strong support of forestry promotion, education and understanding, was received by Sambath Kumaar for his efforts bringing awareness to the provincial cancellation of funding for the 50 Million Tree Program (50 MTP), as well as to the general importance of tree planting. Kumaar, a Windsor resident, created a petition to rescind the order to cancel 50 MTP funding, which accumulated 100,000 signatures.
  • Green Legacy Award: This award is presented to a visionary corporate partner that has been instrumental in ensuring a green legacy for future generations. This year, Canopy Growth was recognized for their $100,000 contribution to Forests Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program.
  • Wayne Pawson accepted the Most Valuable Planter Award

    Wayne Pawson accepted the Most Valuable Planter Award

    Most Valuable Planter Award: This award recognizes an outstanding individual or organization for contributions to restoring ecosystem health via tree planting initiatives. This year, Wayne Pawson, a Planting Delivery Agent for First Resource Management Group Inc., was awarded the designation of Most Valuable Planter for his dedication and his achievement of planting 600,000 trees with Forests Ontario.

  • White Pine Award: This award, which recognizes contributions to forest education and awareness, was presented to Natalie Heyblom. Heyblom is a Master of Forest Conservation candidate at the University of Toronto and a volunteer for the Forestry in the Classroom program.
  • Susan Wiecek Forestry Education Award: This award is presented to individuals or organizations for outstanding contributions to forestry education in Ontario. This year, the award was received by Craig Todd, Resource Management Coordinator for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, for his work as the Ontario Envirothon Coordinator for Grey/Bruce and as a frequent volunteer for the Forestry in the Classroom program.
  • Al Corlett presented Martin Streit the Forests Ontario Award

    Al Corlett presented Martin Streit the Forests Ontario Award

    Forests Ontario Award: This award is presented to individuals for outstanding achievements and contributions to forestry education in Canada and beyond. The 2020 Forests Ontario Award was presented to Martin Streit, a Registered Professional Forester who has dedicated his career to ensuring forest sustainability in the Great Lakes St. Lawrence region.

  • And new this year, the Maples Leaves Forever Envirothon Award: Presented to an individual or organization which has demonstrated exceptional leadership, involvement, or dedication to the Ontario Envirothon program at the regional or provincial level. The award was presented to Terry Schwan, a Registered Professional Forester and an outstanding contributor as a forestry specialist and Envirothon supporter.

Speakers at the conference included, but were not limited to, the following industry leaders:

  • Rob Keen: CEO of Forests Ontario and Forest Recovery Canada.
  • Carol Phillips: Partner at Moriyama and Teshima Architects, fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, member of the Markham and TCHC Design Review Panels.
  • Tim Johnson: Director of Nations 360°’s Indigenous Education Initiative, Artistic Director of The Great Niagara Escarpment Indigenous Cultural Map, and the Artistic Producer for Celebration of Nations.
  • Jennifer Court: Executive Director of the Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition.
  • Dan Rowlinson: Provincial lead of the forest health monitoring program.
  • Katrina Van Osch-Saxon: Coordinator of the Arboriculture program at Fleming College, co-founder of the Women in Trees conference, and professor of Urban Forestry, Forestry, and Arboriculture.