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Welcome to the Ontario Envirothon Virtual Lab

Posted: May 11, 2020

Launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ontario Envirothon Virtual Lab is a digital hub for students and educators to learn about and engage with environmental education and training. Each week will focus on core Envirothon topics and feature expert-led videos and engaging home-based activities. There is no need to register, and resources can be accessed at any time once launched.

Participants will be challenged to showcase their newfound knowledge at the end of the Virtual Lab by completing an online quiz. Anyone who completes the quiz before June 26th will receive a digital certificate – simply take a screenshot of your final score and email a copy to to receive your certificate.

A complete schedule of resources and release dates can be found below. We hope you will join us!

Check back regularly for resource releases and additional content!

Forests Week

You better be-leaf that we are kicking off the 2020 Ontario Envirothon Virtual Lab with a look at forests and sustainable forest management! Join in to learn about tree planting, inventorying, and silviculture.

Soils Week

Everything around us, in some way or another, comes from soil. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty as we explore the world beneath our feet in week two of the 2020 Ontario Envirothon Virtual Lab!

Aquatics & Wildlife Week

From birds in the trees to insects in the water, nature and its living (or biotic) components are all around us. Grab your virtual lab coats and get ready to learn about wildlife and aquatic ecosystems in week three!

  • June 2 – Resource Release: Wetlands & Aquatic Ecosystem Health
  • June 4 – Resource Release: Discovering Ontario’s Wildlife
  • June 5 – Open Lab
Waste Management Week & Wrap Up

Take a dive into the dumpster this week with a look into what gets tossed and how we sort it. The week will wrap up with fun online quiz covering all the Virtual Lab resources! Complete the quiz for a participation certificate.

  • June 9 – Resource Release: Putting Waste in its Place
  • June 11 – Open Lab
  • June 12 – Envirothon Quiz