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Faces of Forests Ontario: Madeleine Bray

Posted: May 26, 2020

Favourite tree – White Pine

Favourite Ontario wildlife – Candy-striped Leafhopper

            Forests Ontario is pleased to introduce Madeleine Bray as our Education Outreach Coordinator. Since she joined our team at the start of 2020, Madeleine has worked with our Education Manager, Allison Hands, to help design the annual Ontario Envirothon, write lesson plans, develop education resources, and run programs for the general public. Her work on Envirothon has quickly shifted to meet the challenges of COVID-19, but she’s excited about moving Envirothon online to the new ’virtual lab’ format. Whether it’s making a silly pun in newsletters or creating activities for kids to do at home, she loves that her job gives her the opportunity to make learning fun for students.

Madeleine was introduced to our forestry education programs after volunteering for Envirothon in university, and she knew then that Forests Ontario was a place she’d like to work. While she doesn’t quite know where her career will take her, she is determined to continue working with the natural world.

Madeleine grew up in Barrie and received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto, double majoring in Forest Conservation Science and Ecology/Evolutionary Biology. After graduating, she worked as an interpreter in the Wasaga Beach and Awenda provincial parks, where she led guided hikes and ran programs for the general public about nature and history.

A self-confessed ‘plant nerd,’ Madeleine has been active with the Scouts for 20 years. During her undergraduate studies, she discovered that forestry was a practical application for her love of plants and ecology, and decided to switch majors from biology to forest conservation. In the future, she wants to have access to enough plants to start playing with their genetics.

Besides being obsessed with all things nature, Madeleine spends her time playing Dungeons & Dragons, going to concerts, and brushing up on her chess strategies.