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Faces of Forests Ontario: Hayley Murray

Posted: August 31, 2020

Favourite Tree: Sugar Maple

Favourite Animal: Dogs

Please join us in welcoming Hayley Murray to the Forests Ontario team! As our new Forestry Operations Coordinator, Hayley’s duties include administrative tasks for our 50 Million Tree Program (50 MTP), such as coordinating with planting delivery agents, reviewing site plans, answering landowner inquiries, and working with our survival assessment team. Besides administering the 50 MTP, Hayley will be supporting Forest Recovery Canada (our national tree planting division), planning sites for our community tree planting events, and answering inquiries related to the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program. She’ll also be helping with the technical side of Our Forest, Forests Ontario’s quarterly magazine, by writing answers for “Dear Silvie” – our column that answers questions on tree care and maintenance.

Hayley wanted to work with us because of our friendly staff and the valuable support we provide to tree planting organizations across Ontario. In her current role, Hayley is looking forward to sharpening her communication, program administration and budgeting skills. She became interested in forestry during her experience working in the Ontario Ranger Program. Besides sustainable forest management, she’s also interested in ecological issues such as urban greenspace, carbon offsetting, and renewable energy.

Born and raised in Ottawa, Hayley obtained a degree from Trent University and Fleming College’s joint Ecological Restoration program. After graduating, she worked with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry before moving on to a Stewardship Technician role with Maitland Valley Conservation Authority. Hayley later took a Forestry Technician position with Conservation Halton.

Hayley is currently studying for her International Society of Arboriculture certification exam and considering becoming a Registered Professional Forester. In her leisure time, she enjoys cycling, trail running, paddling and rock climbing. She’s looking forward to our Community Tree Planting Events, Annual Conference, and helping sell Christmas trees at the Toronto Christmas Market.