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Pandemic Proof Climate Action: TRCA & EcoSikh Canada partner in “Adopt-A-Seed” program

EcoSikh Canada celebrated their 1 year anniversary this morning at Black Creek Pioneer Village.  Conservation, Government and Community leaders spoke in support of the climate action group that has managed to exceed expectations and innovate to push forward, despite the pandemic.

Those on hand to celebrate the milestone were Representatives from Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, CEO of Forests Ontario – Rob Keen, Liberal MPs –  Maninder Sidhu and Ruby Sahota, Green Party Candidate – Mike Schmitz, the EcoSikh Canada Board of Directors, and many more.

In what has become the ‘new normal’ this season,  TRCA and EcoSikh have partnered to evolve their climate action programs to the conditions brought forth by the pandemic.

Roop Singh Sidhu, President of EcoSikh Canada, stated “If there is a positive side to the pandemic, there has been huge reductions in global CO2 emmissions from mandatory.  Such reductions are unfortunately temporary, but prove that we, as a society, have the power to control our own destiny by each doing our part to support our environment and reverse the effects of climate change and global warming.”

Launching September 1st, the conservation and climate action organizations will offer an exciting seed growing opportunity this summer in the GTA. Participants will be able to register online as volunteers and will receive packages of assorted native plant species to be grown at home.

“Seed is where it all starts when it comes to healthy forests and a sustainable future,” said Rob Keen, CEO of Forests Ontario. “With the effects of climate change already upon us, it’s exciting to see programs like Adopt-a-Seed that encourage Ontarians to get involved and grow trees.” Forests Ontario is a non-profit charity dedicated to tree planting, forest education and awareness initiatives.

To support the home-growing initiative, TRCA and EcoSikh Canada will provide online resources and instructional videos to get you started and help with any questions along the way in a safe and interactive format.

Participants will plant and germinate seeds until their seedlings are mature enough to transplant to one of TRCA’s meadow restoration sites.  The volunteers will also have the option of keeping half of the plants they grow for their own gardens!

Seed package availability is limited so sign up now! To register visit or

*Seeds packages are available on a first-come first serve basis. Shipping addresses must be in the greater Toronto area. Potting soil is not included; participants are responsible for purchasing or supplying their own soil.

How to Get Involved:

  1. Program information and sign up posted on EcoSikh Canada website, where they can register to volunteer and sign up for a seed package.
  1. An email will be sent to participants in advance of the seed packages which will include the germination video link, FAQ’s, contact information, upcoming event dates and a planting worksheet.
  2. A Getting Started/Kickoff webinar will be jointly hosted on September 10th and 22nd to support volunteers and prepare them for the family-fun tasks.
  3. Planting the Seedlings – As the pandemic subsides and is safe to do so, EcoSikh Canada and TRCA will notify volunteers of the designated planting site(s) where they can support climate action.  These sites will be assessed and prepared by TRCA for the best restoration and conservation opportunities for such plants.

Happy Planting!