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State of Canada’s Forests 2017

State of Canada’s Forests 2017

Posted: October 31, 2017

Natural Resources Canada has released the State of Canada’s Forests Annual Report for 2017.  The publication highlights the role forests have played in shaping Canada as a nation for the past 150 years as well as future opportunities related to an emerging bioeconomy. In the opening statement of the report, Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr... Read More

The Forest on Your Desktop

The Forest on Your Desktop

Posted: October 13, 2017

The Canadian Institute of Forestry offers an interactive electronic lecture series. The lectures run for approximately one hour on Wednesdays beginning at 1:30 pm Eastern and feature experts and practitioners from across Canada. The electronic lectures are free, easy to access, and user-friendly. To register, simply contact the eLecture Coordinator at: electures@cif–  Please indicate your name, preferred... Read More

Wood Weddings

Posted: September 5, 2017

by Kaitlyn Kiraly In the midst of wedding season, and during a time where caring for the environment is vital, more and more couples are incorporating forestry into their wedding. Forestry can be incorporated subtly, with focus on the décor, or the wedding can be fully immersed in the theme of forests and the outdoors.... Read More

Blisters, Bugs & Breakthroughs: My Season as a Tree Planter in Hearst

Posted: August 24, 2017

by Kaitlin Kiraly Hurry Up and Wait This past spring, I made the last minute decision to go tree planting with my university roommate in Northern Ontario. We finished the last exam of our university careers and prepared for our ten hour drive to Hearst, the small town we would call “home” for the next... Read More

A Unanimous Passion: Environmental Sciences

Posted: August 16, 2017

by Michelle Han From July 23-29, University of Toronto Schools (UTS), along with 53 other groups, were awarded with the fantastic opportunity to launch ourselves into a week-long journey all the way to Maryland for the North American Envirothon. From the moment we boarded the plane to the final ceremonies and dance, we had the... Read More

North American Envirothon: Learning Across Borders

Posted: August 14, 2017

by Rhianne Whittaker and Christina Brinza Envirothon is a competition that brings together teams from different regions to test their knowledge of environmental science. There are three levels of Envirothon: regional, provincial/state, and North American. The North American level draws 54 teams from the United States, Canada, and China. Teams are made up of five... Read More

Who’s Afraid of Ecohealth?

Posted: August 11, 2017

by Sarah Giacomantonio  Parkes (2011)*  loosely defines ecohealth as “Diverse efforts representing ongoing quests to express the fundamental interrelationships of health and ecology in ways that reflect the reciprocity among humans, all species and the non-living components of the ecosystem on which we depend.” When trying to think of the best way to explain ecohealth to... Read More

Ontario Tree Marking Program: Register Now for Level 1 Course in September

Posted: August 3, 2017

Where: Huntsville, ON When: September 11-15, 2017 Info regarding course content: or 1-416-646-1193 x 235 Info regarding registration or payment: or 1-705-744-1715 x 609 The Level 1 course and exam cost is $2,500 which includes 4 days of class and field instruction and a 1 day exam.  Students are responsible for their own... Read More

How are Crown Forests Replenished?

Posted: July 25, 2017

by MJ Kettleborough How are Crown Forests Replenished? ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Forest Regeneration Approximately 87% of Ontario is made up of Crown land, providing opportunities for tourism, recreation, and economic development. Trees are one of the province’s most valuable resources, and are harvested from Crown forests to produce a variety of products. Regeneration refers to the act of... Read More

Music to our Firs

Music to our Firs

Posted: June 21, 2017

by Lana MacInnes Photos courtesy of Rafael Correa Famed architect, interior designer, and educator Frank Lloyd Wright always had the same advice for his students: “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” This is a shared perspective amongst many respected designers and builders, for whom nature is a source of... Read More