Forests Ontario

Heritage Tree

Recognition Number
180 years
17.7 m
116.5 cm

In 1890, William Lea, a member of the founding family for which Leaside is named, designated a half-acre of his land to erect Leaside Mission. Decades later, St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church replaced the small wooden structure. As the only public building in the area, St. Cuthbert’s became the first “City Hall” of the newly incorporated Town of Leaside in 1913.

Over the decades, archival photos make it clear that the beloved white oak tree has witnessed a great many events, including garden parties, bowling on the Green, weddings, funerals and the 1918 celebration to honour veterans returning from the Great War.

Since the church lacks a steeple, visitors are often instructed to find the church by looking for the oak tree! This nearly 200 year old great white oak stands steadfast today – a testament to the pioneers who first settled Leaside.